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Administrative and Writing Services


Get your administrative and writing services today! If you are a claims adjuster, investigator or business owner, I can help with your administrative and writing needs. Let me complete those tedious time-consuming tasks so you have time-freedom to focus on your core activities, meet deadlines for reports and improve on customer service. Let me know what services you need.

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Alite Administrative & Writing Services alleviates your workload and lifts you out of ‘swamp’ zone so you can focus on work that you enjoy.


As a claims adjuster, you know you need to be at the incident scene promptly. You know your reports need to go out before the due date and you know that you need to return phone calls to your clients as soon as possible.


If you’re an investigator, getting reports back to the clients in a timely manner is an essential requirement.


Business owners know that prompt and efficient customer service is vital to the survival of any operation.


Administration plays an intricate part of your day-to-day operation, without it your clients will send less work your way, your customer service will suffer and your business will be dealt a fatal blow.


You know you need help but do not want or cannot afford full-time staff, or you have full-time staff but they are already swamped.


Let me complete your tedious time-consuming tasks, overflow assignments, or projects you or your staff may not have the knowledge to get done.


No need to worry about hiring another employee, you pay me for only the finished projects. You don’t pay benefits, vacation pay, sick leave or add to your payroll. You don’t have to incur the additional expense of furniture (desk or chair), office space or equipment (computer, printer, phone etc.). These expenses I incur so you don’t have to.


No need to spend crunched time training me, I’ve spent many years in various industries developing my skills, and I continue to learn new ones thereby upgrading and broadening my knowledge base. You can take advantage of these abilities without the additional expense.


How it works!


My mission is to build ongoing relationships with my clients, as I fulfill my objective:


To understand my client’s business.

Assess and identify the administrative and writing requirements of their operation.

Assume many time-consuming tasks and projects, such as transcription services, data entry, research and writing assignments, among others.

Empower my clients to focus on growing their business.



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What are the benefits to you?


Time-freedom to focus on essential activities in your field.

Reports go out in a timely manner.

Adequately investigate the claim, get to accident scene promptly.

You don’t have to do the drudge work.

Alleviate frustration and pressure.

Prompt return of phone calls to clients so they don’t feel that they’re being ignored.



Why Choose Alite Administrative & Writing Services?


Because I’ve spent many years in the industry, understanding the language, the frustration, crunch time for deadlines and regulatory time constraints both in the insurance and business industries. I take the extra load that you may breathe easy and enjoy doing what you do best.


Are you overwhelmed by work? How may I help you?


Don’t spend another minute in ‘swamp’ zone. Let me help you get started right now!


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